Ten Time-Saving Tricks in Word

I’ve been working on Word a lot recently and thought I’d share ten little tips to help save you some time!

1.  Add a Quick Access Toolbar.  Go to the File tab, Options / Quick Access Toolbar / All Commands, and add those you want, e.g. spelling & grammar, undo.  You can also add the handy ‘Calculate’ command (see point 2 below).  Ensure you press the ‘Add’ button to transfer across the commands, and hit ‘OK’.

2.  Word’s hidden calculator.  I’ve only just discovered this!  Add as above to your Quick Access Toolbar, write a maths operation in your document, highlight it and hit the ‘Calculate’ button; the results will be displayed in the status bar.

3.  Highlight text quickly.  Triple-click anywhere within a paragraph to select the whole paragraph.

4.  Cheat with your Ctrl button!  I use this all the time for shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl + B (bold), Ctrl + U (underline), Ctrl + A (select all), Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + S (save file).  There’s a table of useful keyboard shortcuts here: https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Keyboard-shortcuts-for-Microsoft-Word-on-Windows-95ef89dd-7142-4b50-afb2-f762f663ceb2.

5.  Move text using F2.  Instead of using the Cut-Paste method, a quicker way is to highlight the text, press F2, move the cursor to where you want to move, hit Enter and the text will be moved.

6.  Insert the date quickly.  Save yourself some typing time and go to the Insert tab, Date & Time.  You can then choose your date format, et voila!  And to work even quicker, you can hit Alt + Shift + D any time to insert the date.

7.  Compare two documents.  Handy when you want to compare two documents to each other and/or make revisions:  Choose the Review tab, Compare and in the compare dialog box, you can select your mark-ups, and where you want any changes shown.

8.  Make use of your thesaurus.  Click on your word and hit Shift + F7 to find related words.  Quick and easy!

9.  Adding special symbols.  This is really handy.  Go to the Insert tab, Symbol (far right of screen) and choose your symbol or special character, for example, € and ©.

10.  Use F5 to ‘Go To’.  This brings up the ‘Find and Replace’ box.  Find something by typing a term in the search box, or ‘Go To’ a page number, comment etc.  Saves you loads of time!

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