5 Simple Tips for Wellbeing at Work

It’s Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week, so here are 5 very simple, yet very effective tips for keeping well at work.  Pop them on a Post-it note on your desk!

  1. 1.  Take regular screen breaks and give those eyes a much-needed rest!

2.  Get some fresh air and sunlight!  Just a quick walk around the block is all you need; the fresh air will leave you feeling awake and more motivated.  Take your lunch in the park.  The sunlight will top up your vitamin D levels and improve your mood.

3.  Snack wisely.  Protein (nuts, cheese, protein bars) will keep you going longer than a Snickers! (honest)

4.  Streeeeetch!  Roll your neck, shoulders, and maintain a good posture (no slumping).  Remember to move; take the stairs not the lift.

5.  Drink!  Keep a water bottle on your desk, filling it up will also encourage you to move.

For more tips about staying well both at work and home, and more info on Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week, click here:



Claire Sheppard  CS Admin Support 


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